Poems of the Week

I Know Why the Caged Rat Squeals

by Steven Kent

“Pro-Trump lawyer [Kenneth Chesebro] accepts plea deal in Georgia ‘fake electors’ case”
The Guardian

“Trump faces new peril in federal 2020 election case after lawyer pleads guilty”
The Guardian

“Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis takes plea deal in Georgia election subversion case”
The Guardian

The odds are good John Eastman‘s getting moody,
Since things look really bad for him and Rudy.
Their fake elector scheme is now on trial,
With Ken and Jenna bound to flip in style:
If “Inmate [X]” is not to be their greeting,
They’ll have to spill the beans about that meeting.
The Kraken was released but had no sting,
So now you’d best believe these birds will sing!