Poems of the Week

Ichthyic Physic

by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

“‘No one judges you out here’: fishing prescribed for NHS patients”
The Guardian

I asked my doctor: “What prescription could
Cure my addiction to my codeine fix?”
He said: “What I prescribe will be for good—
This here will stop you shooting up for kicks!”
He wrote: “Go fishing, morning, noon and night.
You cast your line, and you do NOT let go.
Its healing power comes when fishes bite,
Cocooning you in calmness. You will glow! …
Provided you grip firmly—with both hands—
Holistic ichthyic physic’s bound to cure
Your ailment—trust me, Doctor understands!” …
So I was cured. But how? I’m far from sure
It’s fishing—I believe my double grip
Curbed reaching for my needle for a trip!