Poems of the Week

I’m Disappointed

by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

“Geidt resignation letter reveals frustrations of working with [Boris] Johnson”
The Guardian

I‘m disappointed your account was not
Made fuller, and affronted that you would
Deliberately breach the Code. And what
Is more, that “miscommunication” should
Suggest I somehow was to blame that you
Avoided learning my concerns in full,
Prime Minister, is something that I rue …
Permit me to translate: You’re full of bull,
Old bean, I’m at my tether’s end. You’re just
Impossible. You’re so mendacious, sly,
Nefarious, corrupt and void of trust
That I was dumb to be your ethics guy.
Exasperated, I resign—and can
Delight that I’m a dis-appointed man!