Poems of the Week

I’ve Had My Phil

by Thomas DeFreitas

(To the tune of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” theme)

Punxsutawney’s seen his shadow!
That means six more weeks of chill—
Stuck inside with Kimmel, Maddow,
Pringles, Netflix: what a thrill!
Icy gales and storms beleaguer;
Coffee’s guzzled by the vat.
All this cold stuff makes me eager
For the flowers of Easter, stat!

Philip, you’re a knavish rascal,
You’re a fiendish prankster, you:
Bane of February Two!
Vernal-veto, hope-defeater,
Groundhog-gremlin, Imbolc-imp:
As I watch the thermo-meter,
Through a shivering Lent I limp!

Punxsy, old prognosticator,
With you I’ve a bone to pick:
Why must snowflakes linger later?
I want blossoms, super-quick!
Soon enough we’ll have soft breezes,
Green leaves, bright skies: all that’s great!
But how biting are the freezes
In this slow month’s twenty-eight!