Poems of the Week

Kvetch at Gretchen

by Julia Griffin

“Protesters descend on Michigan capitol but rain washes away demonstration”
—The Guardian

Oppression wouldn’t let me rest:
I donned my best ballistic vest;
The Governor was in my sights
For trampling on my basic rights.
Am I with Trump? Believe it, babe:
He’s been through more than Honest Abe,
And what I’ve had to suffer inly
Is worse than Garfield and McKinley.
Like other patriotic types
I swathed myself in stars and stripes,
And marched upon the Capitol.
“Obey the distance protocol!”
The snowflakes squealed. I said: “Go melt:
With guns and ammo in my belt
I’m tougher than a grizzly bear!”—
And then it rained, which wasn’t fair.