Poems of the Week

Laffer Receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom

by Bruce Bennett

“Last year, famed Republican economist Art Laffer co-authored a hagiographic tribute to President Trump and his agenda. … Laffer accordingly will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom today.”
New York Magazine

Let’s give a cheer for Laffer
and for his famous curve.
He got the Highest Medal
from those he chose to serve.

He drew it on a napkin,
and rocketed to fame.
While billionaires applauded,
he cashed in on his name.

He praised our brilliant Leader
and now has him to thank
for singling out the squiggle
that helped some break the bank.

His history is spotted.
His theory isn’t true.
It doesn’t work in practice,
but what’s a man to do?

Though Trickle Down’s a phantom,
Supply Side is a fraud,
why not accept the kudos
while billionaires applaud?

Why not exult in Honors
one may not quite deserve?
Let’s hear it now for Laffer
who threw that famous curve!