Poems of the Week

“Legitimate Political Discourse”

by Bruce Bennett

Senator Mitch McConnell “criticized the Republican National Committee for its response to the Jan. 6 [2021] attack
on the Capitol. The committee—the party’s official organization—had described the events of Jan. 6
as ‘legitimate political discourse’ and censured… two House members who are helping investigate the riot.
McConnell repudiated his own party. ‘We saw what happened,’ he told reporters. ‘It was a violent insurrection
for the purpose of trying to prevent the peaceful transfer of power after a legitimately certified election…’”

The New York Times

Let’s hear it for Moderate Mitch,
Who summoned the courage to ditch
What’s clearly outrageous.
It won’t prove contagious,
But hey! Who’d have thought he could switch?

Let’s give him the credit deserved.
He saw what’s not Right, and he swerved.
Take that, RNC!
Whatever’s to be,
For once, simple truth has been served.