Poems of the Week

Loneliest Sheep

by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

“Britain’s ‘loneliest sheep’ stranded on Scottish cliff for two years”

Lest you become the loneliest of sheep
On British soil, marooned along a beach,
Not able to ascend back up the steep
Escarpment you slid down, beyond help’s reach,
Lamenting all the lambs you could have had
If you had met another on the hill
Equipped with what it takes to be a dad,
Soliciting canoes for help until
The beach runs out and makes you ewe-turn, as
Slim hopes of rescue fade, and you’re forlorn …
Hear my advice: Don’t be the sheep who has
Escaped the shears but rues that she’s unshorn.
Ewe, mimic not who’s pining for her flock—
Penned in between a hard place and a rock!