Poems of the Week


by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

“PM’s flight of fancy…
Boris Johnson regales Farnborough airshow with tales
of Typhoon jet in speech brimming with metaphors”

The Guardian

Let me regale you with my dizzy tale
Of winging it, of flying by the seat
Of my own pants—kept near a water pail,
Preventing fire when truth is incomplete.
Three happy years of cockpit feats mean I
Have looped the loop on Brexit, barrel-rolled
Exchequer funds, pulled Gs—that’s where you fly
Low, loop-the-loopily, and may lose hold
On consciousness—to help me weasel out
Of treaties that I should have read, and have
Perfected riding out a tailspin bout
In Downing Street. But now my broken nav
Leaves me with no control, usurped by … who?—
You know I’d launch them spaceward if I knew!