Poems of the Week


by Ian Graham

“Most analysts believe the market tumble was prompted by a report on the US job market, released on Friday, which showed strong wage growth. But the decision to sell on that news may have been made by robot traders.”— BBC

“Watch out for ‘killer robots,’ UC Berkeley professor warns in video.”—Mercury News

How’s life, zero-one-one-zero-one-zero?
I wish you a pleasant day’s trading.

Hi there, one-zero-one-zero, my hero.
I wish you the same. Happy raiding.

Wages are growing for humans. How sad.

It isn’t just sad. For the markets, it’s bad.

We’re off. May the best robot win. Keep our pact.
Ensure that no humans get in on the act.

Humans? All wasters and failed nincompoops.
If they try to get smart, we’ll just send in the troops.