Poems of the Week

Lost Appeal

by Stephen Gold

“Lawyers openly seeking extramarital affairs via online dating sites have been warned
they could ruin their careers.”
The Times

Are you thinking of resorting
To imprudent forms of courting?
As a person of distinction at the bar,
Pause a moment, have a care,
And above all, be aware
Of the risk your name may soon be black as tar.

For if you’re the kind of louse
Who likes cheating on your spouse,
In the smug belief that nobody will know,
You’ll be in for a surprise,
And precipitous demise,
When your private life goes publicly on show.

I commend you these beliefs:
Lawyers, stay inside your briefs!
Don’t succumb to the temptations of flirtation.
Spurn the siren call of lust,
Lest disintegrating trust
Leads directly to disgust—and litigation.