Poems of the Week

Luck Of The Irish

by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

“Irish punter wins a sensational €578k off a €20 bet at Cheltenham Festival”
The Irish Post

Long odds of 1 to more than 20K
Unsealed an Irish wallet for a punt.
Clairvoyance made its twenty euros pay
King’s-ransom-size returns from National Hunt!
Outsiders ask: How were four horse names picked
Full three months in advance to win four-fold?
The odds were huge at least one horse got licked—
How could the punter know they’d all strike gold? …
Experienced horse whisperers’ loose lips
Inform me that when leprechauns get caught,
Release should be exchanged for racing tips—
It irks them when their precious gold is sought! …
So I believe a bargain wisely struck
Has brought this punter classic Irish luck!