Poems of the Week

Marching in Place

by Bryan Hendrix

Wash your hands and keep your distance!
Join the Army of Resistance!
(Hope you’ll pardon my insistence
But I’m fond of my existence.)

Back off, Jack, and scrub those fingers!
Make sure no vile virus lingers!
Block your coughs, you droplet slingers!
Hail the toilet paper bringers!

Congregating is a blunder!
(Do they think that germs, I wonder,
Are exempting heads of dunder?)
Six away beats six feet under!

I hope everyone shares my goals
(We must all aspire to high goals):
Keep your fingers from your eye holes
And your nostrils and your pie holes!

And take heart! You’re in detention
But your mission’s the prevention
Of my premature ascension!
Thank you for your kind attention.