Poems of the Week

Mirror In The Loo

by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

“A very royal throne! Stunned family learn mirror hanging in their downstairs loo
for 40 years once belonged to last queen of France Marie Antoinette…”

Daily Mail

Marie, Marie, before you lost your head,
In me you looked to see your pretty face.
Resentment of the Bourbons had not spread.
Republicans had not yet smeared your grace …
One day you said to me: “Dear Mirror, pray,
Reveal to me why lies breed like a fly.
I never said, ‘Let them eat cake.’ No way!
No diamond necklace did I ever buy!” …
Too late I warned: The tumbril’s on its way.
Heads roll each day beneath the guillotine.
Escape while you still can! … But let me say—
Lest you get caught—You’ll always be my queen! …
Old mirrors are well known not to disown:
Oh, how you’re honored still beside this throne!