Poems of the Week

Mr. Boris Johnson

by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

“Dominic Cummings has launched a blistering attack on his old boss Boris Johnson,
questioning his ‘competence and integrity.'”


My wish in boyhood was to be world king—
Rex Alexander Boris sounded cool.
Buoyed up by Eton, steeped in Oxford bling,
One knew one’s path to kingship: play the fool!
Real choice is hard, so I distract and duck.
I‘d rather do a photo op or two.
Since I have mastered how to pass the buck,
Jokes reign. You’d never know I have no clue! …
Oh, damn! The Dom has dropped his bomb! He leaks
His evidence I’m shiftily inept.
No holds are barred: Revenge means Tory cliques
Should know what Boris wrecks—no secrets kept! …
One should be careful what one wishes for.
Now I am Boris Wrex forevermore!