Poems of the Week

Night Thoughts of a Prime Minister

by Philip Kitcher

“King Charles greets Liz Truss with: ‘Back again? Dear, oh dear.’”
The Guardian

“No. 10 dismisses rumours of Liz Truss U-turn on tax cuts.”
The Guardian

The monarch muttered, “Dear, oh dear,”
the second time we met.
His whole demeanor made it clear
I’m not his PM yet.

It seems that every Tory peer
will have a hissy fit.
I must amend my plans, I fear,
and do the opposite.

But hark! A voice from yesteryear,
when Tory virtue shone,
sings songs of triumph in my ear,
to buck me up, and bring me cheer—
it’s Maggie! “Carry on!”