Poems of the Week

No Michigation

by Nora Jay

“Michigan court sides with gun advocates to reverse firearm ban at polls …
‘I feel like I need to have my gun at all times,’ said Jim Makowski, an attorney
representing plaintiffs in the suit against the secretary of state. …

Makowski said Michiganders are already protected by state law …
With such protections in place, he said there’s “no reason or justification
for [Benson’s] legal order,’ which he labeled ‘political’.

The Guardian

“I feel,” said Jim Makowski,
I need my gun. It’s critical
At all times, like a housekey;
And banning it’s political.”

Assessing this with candor,
I see debate’s no use.
Behold the Michigander:
A macho Michigoose.