Poems of the Week

No Roominant

by Julia Griffin

“[D]river pulled over with huge African bull riding shotgun in car:
Converted vehicle stopped in Nebraska with gigantic-horned Watusi bovine called Howdy Doody as passenger …
‘The officer wrote him some warnings,’ [police Captain] Reiman told the TV channel.
‘There were some citable issues with that situation.’”
The Guardian

A bull—an imposing Watusi,
With horns that were quite Dr. Seussy—
Was caught sprawling wide
On the driver’s right side:
A thing no Watusi should do, see?

The officer wrote them some warnings,
As officers do many mornings:
Efficient, prepared,
And entirely unscared
By the prospect of hoofings and hornings.

The bull (he was named Howdy Doody)
Appeared quite embarrassed, or moody:
No bovine would choose
To displace, on the news,
The misfortunes of Donny or Rudy.