Poems of the Week


by Ruth S. Baker

“Bottles, cans, batteries: octopuses found using litter on seabed:
Creatures seen using discarded items for shelter or to lay eggs,
highlighting ‘extreme ability to adapt’”
The Guardian

FOR SALE OR RENT: sweet condo, looks bespoke;
Would suit up-coming octopus or squid;
Views on all sides (except where labelled “Coke”);
Good “fixer-upper” (Note: excluding lid).
With boho shabby-chic, it’s also light:
Could be a trailer or a mobile home—
Keep little tentacles all tucked in tight
When Mommy feels the urge to roam the foam!
Though applicants all get a fair review,
The COA will favour those with cash
(Coral or shells), plus proved commitment to
Responsible disposal of their trash.
Be thoughtful and recycle it, with care,
On private beaches! It is welcome there.