Poems of the Week

Ode On a Norwegian Lundehund

by Martin Kohn

“The rarest breed is the Norwegian lundehund. The modest-sized, nimble dogs might be little-
known in the U.S. but have intriguing distinctions, including six-toed feet, unusual flexibility,
climbing acumen and a history of hunting puffins.”
Associated Press

Consider now the lundehund
Known mainly to the undergrund.
On taxonomic charts it sits
In spitting distance of the spitz.
Before the age of Egg McMuffins
Ancient Nordics dined on puffins.
Said bird, a most elusive creature,
Lives on rocky crags that feature
Stony caves and promontories
Where ’hund, in sagas, songs and stories,
Draws praises as a perfect 10
For its puffin-hunting acumen.
But, Fargo to the Rio Grunde,
There are no puffins to be fund.
Though pugs and poodles may abund
You’ll rarely see a lundehund.