Poems of the Week

Persistent Ephemera

by Eddie Aderne

“Court dismisses appeal from woman claiming to be Salvador Dalí’s daughter
The saga made headlines around the world—as did the news that Dalí’s moustache had endured.
‘His moustache is still intact, [like clock hands at] 10 past 10, just as he liked it. It’s a miracle,’ said
Narcís Bardalet, the embalmer who prepared Dalí’s body after his death and helped with the

—The Guardian

When the body of Dali was raised from the ground
And scientists poked in the box
(Obliging his soi-disante daughter), they found
The Master’s mustachios, once so renowned,
Still pointing to 10 after 10—no way downed,
Or droopy or gloopy or, as it were, drowned,
Like those differently-horrible clocks.