Poems of the Week

Posthumous Wrap

by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

“Paris’ Arc De Triomphe Wrapped In Silver Blue And Red: Christo’s Posthumous Ephemeral Masterpiece”

Pourquoi? … We avifauna who reside
On L’Arc de Triomphe ask why sleep at home
Should be disturbed by scaffolding, applied
To wrap our city home in polychrome!
Have we not heard it from a little bird
Up here, last year, that Christo passed away?
Must we, despite that, still endure this herd
Of loud disruptive engineers, all day,
Unfurling fabric over our high-rise,
Surrounding it with silvers, reds and blues? …
We birds can drop some hints to teach these guys
Respect—for our abode, and right to snooze! …
And that’s why, once the wrapping crew are through,
Parisian birds rewrap the wrap—in poo!