Poems of the Week

“Professors Say Their Building Is Killing Them”

by Bruce Bennett

“Eric Chicken, Faculty Senate president and professor of statistics at Florida State,
called the [building] revelations ‘serious news,’ saying, ‘I expect that FSU will do everything
it can to protect the members of our university community.'”

Inside Higher Ed

Chicken isn’t too concerned
by the facts he’s so far learned.

“I expect that FSU
will do what it needs to do.”

Others aren’t quite so sure.
Radon, “black debris,” and more
are a daily source of harm
leading to the Profs’ alarm!

Not to worry. There’s an answer
to the spread—and threat—of cancer.
There has been a full report.
There’ll be others of that sort.

Meanwhile, air vents filled with gunk
have been tossed, with other junk.
Everyone can see the meaning
of this careful, thorough cleaning.

Everyone who thinks upon it
can be reassured we’re on it.
Though, of course, all should be prudent:
Do not share this with a student.

Do not blabber to the Press.
We will make it through, we guess.

Meantime, work, but play it cool.

Please! Do not show up at school!