Poems of the Week

Reigning Supreme

by Iris Herriot

“Harlan Crow on collision course with Senate over Clarence Thomas gifts”
The Guardian

“’It would be absurd to me to talk to Justice Thomas about supreme court cases,
because that’s not my world,’ Crow said, adding: ‘We talk about life. We’re two guys
who are the same age and grew up in the same era. We share a love of Motown.’”
The Guardian

Harlan Crow
And Justice Thomas:
Where Did Your Love Go?
What did you promise?
Senator Wyden
Wants some proof:
Where’s it hidin’?
Up the Ladder to the Roof?
In Bad Weather,
Dems slangin’ On,
Are you together,
Still Hangin’ On?
Stop! In the Name
Of Love, or Law:
You’re Livin’ in Shame!