Poems of the Week

RIP Kevin

by Bruce Bennett

“Peacock who became a London lockdown symbol of hope is killed by foxes”
The Washington Post

Let’s hear it for Kevin, a bird who was cool!
He made things much better for kids at the school.
He preened and he strutted. He knew what to do
To keep people happy. Adults loved him too.

But think of what happens when someone’s too good.
Some predator hates him and creeps from some wood
And stalks him and gets him sometime in the night.
Poor creatures like Kevin are not born to fight.

They’re born to show off and with feathers galore
Teach love-stricken gawkers what Beauty is for.
Delighting in excess and high on display,
Their every small gesture will brighten one’s day,

And that’s why they’re hated by those who hate joy;
Whose motives are malice; who live to destroy;
Who cannot stand actors who help others cope
And drive away sorrow by giving folks hope!

So, Kevin, please know as you strut in the sky,
We love you and miss you. This isn’t Goodbye.
You’ll live in our hearts. You will not disappear.
Tail-up and triumphant, you’ll always be here!