Poems of the Week

Rock Star

by Julia Griffin

“Mystery Woman Wrapped in a Sheet on Remote Island Called for Help in Perfect English”
The Daily Beast

“Croatian police on Wednesday named the woman as Daniela or Dana Adamcova, 57”
The Guardian

Until we know, she’s anyone:
An English priestess of the sun;
A votarist of quarantine;
A truant from a submarine;
A sacrifice, discreetly done;

A damsel, passive as a bun;
A siren that a man should shun;
A sheeted nymph of seventeen,
Until we know.

She’s on the rise, she’s on the run,
Part-lorelei, part-real, part-un-,
Part-something not at all foreseen;
She’s Everygirl, our rock-bound queen:
A lady with no limits—none!
Until we know.