Poems of the Week

Roll Over, Van Der Weyden

by Ruth S. Baker

“‘It’s a Beatle haircut’: historian claims 15th-century portrait is from the 1960s:
National Gallery’s 1450 portrait by Rogier van der Weyden was created in the 1960s by Eric Hebborn, says art historian.”
—The Guardian

Imagine there’s no fraudsters:
It’s easy if you try;
No crooked sales or hoardsters,
Compelled to sell or buy;
Imagine giving painters
What collectors pay … a …ay

Perhaps some dealer-reamer
Just thought he’d have some fun;
You may say he’s a schemer,
But he’s not the only one.

Imagine I’m a Beatle:
I’ve got a ’60s do;
This scroll is no decretal,
Just songs From Me To You;
Imagine giving paintings
Credit just per se … a …ay

Suppose I’m by a lemur:
I’d still be nicely done;
You may say “art blasphemer!”
But I’m not the only one.