Poems of the Week


by Phil Huffy

“A pair of worn-out Birkenstock sandals that Steve Jobs wore during the time he founded Apple
in his garage have been sold at auction for $218,750. Julien’s Auctions originally estimated
the brown suede and leather sandals would go for $60,000 to $80,000.”

CBS News

That Apple fellow’s Birkenstocks
have brought a price which simply shocks.

One wonders how such footwear, used,
could fetch that much; I’m so confused.

Has anyone, to date, adored
the Florsheims worn by Henry Ford?

Did Patton’s boots have such a day?
Or Madame Curie’s loafers, eh?

Do students of fine art recall
the splattered sneaks of Marc Chagall?

It seems old shoes are best forgot.
The Ruby Slippers? Maybe not.