Poems of the Week

Schwandt Family Plus (an acrostic)

by Eddie Aderne

“Michigan couple with 14 sons finally has a daughter”
The Guardian

So Jay begat Tyler, with thanks to Kateri,
Conceiver supreme, quickly pregnant with Zach;
He soon was big brother to Drew (was it scary?);
When Brandon appeared, they were almost a pack,
And then a quintet, on the entry of Tommy;
Next off there was Vinny—just briefly the babe:
Demoted when Calvin laid claim to his mommy.
This wasn’t to last. He was followed by Gabe,
Forerunner of Wesley (methodically christened);
Additional Charlie (more cheerful, less stern)
Made ten: a good limit, had Luke only listened.
In twelfth place, see Tucker, tucked up in his turn.
Last out came Francisco—no! wrong once again:
Young Finley, concluding this masculine train—

+ now (spare a thought for her): Miss Maggie Jayne.