Poems of the Week

Scott Pruitt, Environmental Destruction Agency Chief

by Orel Protopopescu

Before he ran the EPA,
Scott Pruitt liked to sue it.
A regulation reared its head?
Scott Pruitt had to screw it.

So now he heads the EPA.
(He isn’t there to woo it.)
He wants to change its challenge coin:
Less EPA. More Pruitt.

A soundproof phone booth, fancy desks?
Nothing’s too good for Pruitt.
A first-class trip to Italy?
(He wasn’t eating suet.)

Cheap rental from a lobbyist
who now has come to rue it?
Three million on security?
(Too many folks hate Pruitt.)

Accomplice on his greedy sprees?
Perrotta helped him do it.
Now secret emails raise alarms…
It looks like Pruitt blew it.