Poems of the Week

Seaside Detraction

by Julia Griffin

“The world’s tallest sandcastle has been completed in Denmark …
Standing 21.16 metres in height (69.4 feet), the castle is more than 3 metres taller than one built
in Germany in 2019, which previously held the title, according to Guinness World Records. …

Its Dutch creator […] [wanted] to represent the power the coronavirus has had over the world
since the beginning of the pandemic. On top of the sandcastle is a model of the virus wearing
a crown.”
The Guardian

Of brown:
Feel desirous?
Look!  It’s virus!
What a dismal notion:
To raise, beside the ocean,
About five thousand tons of silica
And shape them like a death basilica.
Is this the avenue to Guinness Record glory –
Eight hundred inches (+) of beach memento mori?
For all its soaring arches, this is anything but more-ish:
The site is Danish, and the mood quite Castle Elsinore-ish.