Poems of the Week

See the Light

by Steven Kent

“Cheaper Than Water? Retailers Try to Unload Bud Light…
Nearly three months after the transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney posted a video
on her Instagram account to promote a Bud Light contest, setting off online outrage from the right
and a boycott, the beer brand is still struggling to win back loyal, longtime customers.”
The New York Times

The Champ fell fast from first to second. Why?
“Go woke, go broke,” say those who now don’t buy.
Yet Busch wins big when all is said and done:
They brew beers Number Two and Number One.
But take in this debate what side you will,
Bud Light remains a most godawful swill.
Its place, in fact, is fitting in the queue:
That lager tastes a lot like Number Two!