Poems of the Week

Serenade for a Lovesick Speaker

by Philip Kitcher

“I’ll never leave that woman.”
Kevin McCarthy

You shine out with a radiance I ought to have seen.
I was blind, and I followed the party routine,
So I shunned QAnon—
Now the blinkers are gone.
How I blush for my past! What a fool I have been!
Here’s my pledge—I won’t leave you, sweet Marjorie Greene.

You’re a vision transcending the humdrum and mean,
Gulping cash like the fanciest Vegas machine.
(I admire, I confess,
Your fundraising success,
And I’ll punish those critics who think it obscene.)
Let us share all our bounties, sweet Marjorie Greene.

I’ll do penance for sin till my conscience is clean.
I’m on fire with the zeal of a love-stricken teen.
I’ll no longer dissemble,
I flutter and tremble.
How I long to embrace you and crown you my queen!
We shall shake up the world, my sweet Marjorie Greene.