Poems of the Week


by Julia Griffin

for Mary A.

“Amid a slump in tourism, one national park in Thailand has seen a dramatic rise in visitors.
So numerous are the hermit crabs thronging the otherwise empty beaches of Koh Lanta that
shells for them to live in have become a scarce commodity. The Thai government moved quickly
to ease the housing shortage, launching a public appeal for empty shells that netted over
200kg. … Hermit crabs rely on discarded shells to protect their soft bodies, moving to larger
shells as they grow.”
The Economist

Learn a lesson from the Crab:
Claim whatever you can grab!
Though it may be gritty, damp,
And so small it gives you cramp,
Seize that empty cockleshell:
You’ve a home. You’re doing well.
As you cram your flimsy space,
Spare a thought for those who face
What your luck may keep away:
Wind, and rain, and birds of prey.