Poems of the Week

Sheriff Comey

by Bruce Bennett

Sheriff Comey’s back in town.
Gonna take The Big Guy down,
Gonna make him face the Law,
Corner him with Shock and Awe.

Man, there’s gonna be a fray!
No one wants to miss the day,
No one wants to miss the fuss.
He is back, and he’s for us.

We know how the Sheriff shoots.
Trump is quaking in his boots.
He is frantic in his tweets:
Foaming, frothing, he repeats

Lie on lie on lie on lie . . .
Let him writhe and let him try
Any trick he ever could—
None will do him any good.

None will help him. Now’s the time
He will pay for every crime.
In the shoot-out, he will fall.
Truth will stand up, straight and tall,

Tall as Comey, strong as Fate.
We’ll no longer have to wait.
Trump is toast. He will go down.
Sheriff Comey’s back in town!