Poems of the Week

Slime Time

by Julia Griffin

“A robot made of magnetic slime could be deployed inside the body to perform tasks
such as retrieving objects swallowed by accident.”

New Scientist on Twitter

“[It] could be useful in the digestive system, for example in reducing the harm from a small
swallowed battery.”

The Guardian

A robot of magnetic slime
Could shortly be deployed
Inside the body. Well, it’s time;
What use is all that void

Internal space among the nerves
And bones and neurocoeles?
You’ll say it gets what it deserves
With accidental meals,

Like hangnails swallowed by default,
Or gum or tiny keys
Or polystyrene (great with salt),
Or salted batteries;

But let’s express our thanks instead
For living at a time
In which we may be safely fed
With smart magnetic slime.