Poems of the Week

Snow Days

by Phil Huffy

Nasty weather has pummeled the Cape
and Boston is down on her keister.
Reporters are out in the outlands
to cover another Nor’easter.

When the blow has been dealt with again
and storm clouds have somewhat abated,
wily sellers of all sorts of things
will advertise, weather related.

A Floor’easter is sure to be held
by some outfit excelling in floors
and a Snor’easter bedding event
will bring folks in through mattress shop doors.

A tavern where business is lacking
may apply to its windows a sign
proclaiming a “Pour’easter Hour”
with a whimsical, windy design.

And Chore’easter specialty pricing
will be touted by maids near and far,
while Store’easter discounts—enticing!—
will propel me to dig out my car.