Poems of the Week

Snowball Effect

by Julia Griffin

“The first trailer for ‘Frozen 2’ is here…”—fastcompany.com

Finally! The Frozen teaser—
Let’s denote it just The Freezer
Lights the screen, deprived so long
Of the femininely strong.
Six whole years now, wigs and crowns,
Books and copyrighted gowns
Have but swelled that thirst for chill
None but Elsa could fulfill;
Now a wave of Disney’s wand
Sweeps her back, the shining blonde,
Tiny-waisted, giant-eyed:
Two parts insect, one part bride.
Also destined for reuse
Are the Redhead, Boyfriend, Moose,
Snowman (made a household star
By his bath toy avatar),
Ice and snow and snow and ice;
But this arctic paradise
Centers round its frost-princess,
Sister, savior, whose success
Thrills transgressive types worldwide,
Charms romantics, and beside
Proves, as human flesh cannot:
Cold, cold girls are hot, hot, hot.