Poems of the Week

Sorry About That, Chief

by Phil Huffy

I liked to ride in first-class seats
while sipping wine from crystal flutes,
arrayed in tactical attire
accessorized with belts and boots.

I sought a soundproof office booth
to keep my phone calls under wraps.
A Cone of Silence, if you will,
to smartly stifle leaks or taps.

I found myself a bargain room
with free TV and breakfast perks.
If some suspected quids pro quo,
well that’s just how the system works.

My wife’s employment prospects grew
despite the consternation wrought
by reaching out to Chik-fil-A
and other prospects crudely sought.

So now I’ll leave behind my guards,
my silver pens and SUV.
Another waits to take the reins;
by all accounts, much worse than me.