Poems of the Week

Square and Fair

by Chris O’Carroll

“President Biden on Thursday pardoned all individuals convicted on federal charges
of simple marijuana possession, a move that the White House estimated would affect
more than 6,500 people nationwide.”
Los Angeles Times

Joe Biden’s not the kind of guy
With whom one thinks of getting high.
He’s not a member of the tribe
Who radiate that Woodstock vibe.

He hardly ever rolls a joint
While mulling judges to appoint,
And in the Situation Room,
Will seldom nibble on a ’shroom.

Yet justice gives this cat a buzz,
As we can now discern, because
He pardons at a single stroke
Six thousand busted for a toke.

He didn’t have to hit the bong
To understand the law’s been wrong.
So hip-hooray for unhip Joe
Who knows what freedom needs to know.