Poems of the Week

Stormy Surge

by James Higgins

I Googled “Stormy Weather,”
being keen on Lena Horne.
But I’ll be bound: all Google found
was Stormy Daniels porn.

I Googled “Let the stormy clouds…”
from Singin’ in the Rain.
The engine’s spin continued in
a Stormy Daniels vein.

I Googled “Stormy Monday Blues.”
(I love when “Shorty”* blows.)
But no such luck: poor Google’s stuck
on Stormy sans her clothes.

“Storm trooper” and “Storm warning” searches
yielded like results.
What’s all this show? The “need to know”
of curious adults?

*A trumpet solo by Maurice “Shorty” McConnell is featured
in the 1942 Earl Hines and His Orchestra recording
of this jazz classic. (From Wikipedia)