Poems of the Week

Sub Jewdice

by Julia Griffin

“George Santos admits being a ‘terrible liar’ to Britain’s Piers Morgan …
[He] pushed back, however, on the suggestion that he had lied about being Jewish. …
‘I’d always say I’m Catholic but I come from a Jewish family so that makes me Jew-ish.
It’s always been a party favor, everybody’s always laughed, and now that everybody’s cancelling me,
everybody’s pounding down for a pound of flesh.’”
The Guardian

Attempting to raise his prestige from the mire
And render himself understood,
George Santos now claims he’s a “terrible liar”—
He’d seemed to be terribly good.

He wants to start over, anew, and afresh:
He never said “Jewish,” OK?
But now there’s demand for a pound of his flesh—
And wasn’t that always the way?