Poems of the Week

Sufferin’ Cats

by Geoffrey Basking

“A tech firm and a university in Tokyo have teamed up to produce an app trained on thousands of cat photos
that they say can tell you when your pet is in pain. … [The firm and university gathered] 6,000 cat photos,
in which they carefully studied the positions of the animals’ ears, noses, whiskers and eyelids. They then used
a scoring system designed by the University of Montreal to measure minute differences between healthy cats
and those suffering pain due to hard-to-spot illnesses. Now the app ‘has an accuracy level of more than 90%’…”
The Japan Times

When your cat is aching,
When your cat’s just low,
Trust the epoch-making
Minds of Tokyo

And of Montreal.
Their rare expertise
Appertains to all
Feline maladies.

Modestly submit:
Offer up a pic
Of your cherished kit;
Learn how it is sick

From a narrowed pupil
Or a furrowed brow,
Proof, beyond all scruple:
Not some mere MIAOW!!!