Poems of the Week

Tatement of Intent

by Eddie Aderne

“Tate Britain has defended advertising for a head of coffee with a salary of nearly £40,000— more than the average wage of a London-based curator—after critics said the role highlights how low museum professionals’ wages are.”
The Guardian

Tate Britain hosts a Roastery
Which (here I quote its boastery)
Is vibrant, innovative, and
Diverse. If you would understand
These epithets’ extent, they reign
Throughout the coffee value chain:
The Roasters champion all genders
Among their growers and their blenders.
The head of coffee role requires
Blending and roasting, per desires;
This innovative coffee space
Relies on you. You are its face.
While managing the bev’rage team,
You’re still responsible for cream,
And everything pertaining to
Each Tate (de-)caffeinated brew.
This vibrant business helps to fund
The Gallery, else moribund;
You might be quite surprised to learn
How much these not-for-profits earn.