Poems of the Week

The Damage Undone

by Stephen Gold

“Following protests of Spotify kicked off by Neil Young over the spread of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation [by Joe Rogan],
the music streaming service said that it will add content advisories before podcasts discussing the virus.”
The Washington Times

(with apologies to Neil Young)

I heard him mouthing off on Spotify,
And knew at once it was a fucking lie.
My, my, the damage done.

So I did something they did not foresee,
And told them, “Guys, it’s either him or me.”
Well, well, looks like I won.

At first they thought that I was so past tense,
And backing Joe would make a lot more sense,
But fans camped my side of the fence.

They sent a message, and it surely stung,
Now there’s a hazard warning on his tongue.
Who’s had to kneel folks? Not Neil Young.

It’s not just down to me, but everyone,
To call out fools when there is damage done.
We can’t let charlatans shut out the sun.