Poems of the Week

The Indignities of Age?

by S. Mary Strand

“Male Mosquitoes May Have Once Sucked Blood, Amber Fossils Suggest…
Female mosquitoes have strong proboscises that can puncture the skin of animals… .
Male mosquitoes, on the other hand, do not—with their weaker mouth anatomy, they only
feed on plant juices. But… researchers report finding two prehistoric male mosquitoes,
trapped in amber, with piercing mouthparts similar to those of modern females.”

The hematophagous mosquito that bites us—
bestows itchy welts, spreads disease, and incites us
to fury—is female! The male just slurps nectar.
His more flaccid snout is a feeble collector.
But males trapped in amber reveal in a study
They once enjoyed meals that were equally bloody.
Could drugs turn the clock back? Perhaps like the phallus
The hose would firm up with a dose of Cialis!