Poems of the Week

The Least of Cherie

by Nora Jay

“Pornhub is blocking access from users in Mississippi, Virginia and Utah,
which have recently passed laws that require age verification to access adult websites. …
If you try to navigate to Pornhub… you’ll see adult star Cherie DeVille explain
these risks in a safe-for-work video.”

“When You Try to Watch Pornhub in Utah, You See Me Instead. Here’s Why… writes… Cherie DeVille”
Rolling Stone

When you try to watch Pornhub in Utah,
You see me instead. Here is why:
The State wants to hack your computah—
To snoop, to invade, and to spy.

The problem, reduced to its core/nub,
Is ignorance, rife in UT.
That’s why, when you try to watch Pornhub,
You see, but don’t really see, me.