Poems of the Week

The Liars’ Lunch

by Orel Protopopescu

“Trump throws Rudy under the bus with new Ukraine comments.”

Baloney with Russian dressing
for Trump. And Pence? Mayo on white.
Perry eats red meat fried in oil.
Jaravanka? Anything light.

Rape leaf salad for Kavanaugh,
preceded by at least four beers.
Miller ingests blood sausage, raw,
and a bucket of human tears.

Pompeo and Mulvaney share
a pu-pu platter, party tea.
Rudy takes toast with caviar,
fantastic scoops from the Black Sea.

“I’m insured,” Giuliani warns
when Trump invades his plate. “I’m host,”
Trump counters, swallowing eggs,
“with full immunity. Eat toast.”