Poems of the Week

True Sonnet 116

by Julia Griffin

“No, it isn’t truth!” Giuliani roared. “Truth isn’t truth.”—The Guardian

Better not match the things I say are true
With what I said I meant: truth is not truth
That doesn’t change when situations do,
But keeps recording like a photo booth.
Jeez no, it is an ever-spreading mark,
That looks on Daniels and is never shaken:
It is the sound of Giuliani’s bark,
Which is so loud you know he’s not mistaken.
Truth’s not truth’s fool, though failing NBC
May try to sabotage its wiggle-room;
What sets you free, why wouldn’t that be free?
Just bear me out, or watch me fire you, boom!
If this be error, and upon me proved,
Some low-life DOG is going to be removed.