Poems of the Week

Two Great Powers

by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

The summit held by Vladimir and Joe,
Where Biden said that two great powers met,
Officially succeeded—though we know,
Geneva has accomplished nothing yet!
Reporters were all told: To reach the goal
Envisioned by our president takes time,
As we lack moves within one man’s control
To turn back his opponent on a dime …
Perhaps it makes Joe envy the extent
Of soccer power: One star snubbed some Coke,
Which dropped Coke’s share price almost two percent,
Effecting his objective at a stroke! …
Ronaldo can achieve goals tout de suite,
Since he has two great powers—both his feet!

*Since “Two Great Powers” first appeared, Ronaldo’s effect on Coke’s
share price has been disputed. (Still a funny poem, though!)—Editors